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Global threats require global defence

From byte to board, we're here to protect your organization by 24x7 detecting and responding to today’s threats..

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Our culture in a nutshell

Our unique culture differentiates and accelerates threat analysis to instantly detect and respond to anomalies. Our name is derived from combining the words Nederland and Cape Town.

What makes Nedscaper special and distinctive:

  1. Nedscaper democratizes enterprise grade services for corporate and mid-market
  2. Nedscaper disrupts point solution driven service providers towards holistic detection and response services alike Nedscaper MxDR
  3. Nedscaper provides traineeships to high potentials by providing full Microsoft certifications and study in field of IT Security.
  4. Nedscaper aims to become the largest international pure Microsoft Sentinel driven service provider in EMEA
  5. Providing international opportunities for employees through working on-site at Fortune 500 companies in Europe.


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