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Our diverse blend of amazing colleagues and cultures is what truly makes Nedscaper the place to be! Do you have what it takes to become a Nedscaper?

Personality and diversity is what matters. Only the curiousity of the most unique and talented is what we look for. We have tech vacancies starting from technical (hipster)level 100 all the way to 500.

From Amsterdam to Cape Town

Who we are

We are Nedscaper. An ambitious team of next-gen Cloud Security Consultants and Engineers. We do things slightly different than the establised order of IT integrators. Why? We connnect young professionals in Cape Town with senior security consultants in The Netherlands. In Cape Town we develop talent and help communities evolving to the next level of their professional and personal life. By providing Microsoft Cloud Security traineeships for young talent and high-potentials. Connecting every talent with a seasoned security professional in Amsterdam through our succesfull buddy system!

The ongoing development of our Cloud Security Operations Center (SOC) contributes in securing hybrid clouds of corporate companies in The Netherlands.

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We're always looking for young talent and seasoned professionals to join Nedscaper. Are you just graduated and ready for a new adventure? We offer challenging traineeships to get you ready for the real deal. Making sure you get comfy before things get serious. Or do you have a proven track record in the cybersecurity space? Or have you ben deploying Azure and Microsoft 365 technologies over the past decade? Still reading? Please drop us a message below!

Working and securing towards a better world

Giving back

We believe it’s very important to make social impact with everything we do. For every effort and impact we make, we give society something back in return. Get the vibe? Your opinion is important to us, feel free to inspire us 

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